With an in-house catalogue of more than 200 different antique newels and balusters, The Woodworks Company can easily replicate almost any 19th century turning. Have custom rail profiles you’re trying to match? Or a new profile you designed? Do you need custom fittings, volutes or solid radius hand rail? The Woodworks Company designs and produces custom-made knives and CNC tooling to your job’s specifications, guaranteeing a perfect match.

Operating the Turning Lathe

We can turn virtually any size item in most species, from 6 inches to 14 feet. Emergency turn-around service is available in as little as 24 hours.

Decorative milling, including fluting, reeding, twisting and roping, are performed conjunctly with all turnings. Fluted columns of up to 16″ in diameter and 14′ in length are produced on one of the largest 4 axis CNC production lathes in the country. Our craftsmen and machinists have more than a hundred years of turning expertise.

Our In House Stock of turnings